Part of the manufacturing process for board games is for the publisher to approve samples of the future board game. Which is very exciting, as you can imagine.

Not a long time ago, these awesome characters were first only in our minds, then as a simple sketch, followed by a colored drawing and a 3D sculpture.

And to finally hold in our hands these tiny plastic sculptures of the characters we spent so much time thinking about… you can imagine, is quite a riot! 🙂

Here they are again, lined up in all their glory. (if you wonder where Benny is, let’s just say he was the one taking the picture) LOL

Soon we’ll receive a digital sample for the entire game and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Moonshiners from all over the world, UNITE!

Together we can bring “Moonshiners of the Apocalypse” in the Top 20 MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES OF 2019 on BGG!

Category: Euro

(check the “Moonshiners” box and then click VOTE on the bottom of the page):

Editing your vote →  If you already selected your favorite games, you can still cast a vote for “Moonshiners” as well. Just go back to the link above, click the “Questions” button to see the poll again, and fill another section or change your existing votes. Then, click the “Vote” button again.

You can even do this to change your vote for sections you have completed.

Your votes are editable until the poll closes.

A quick reminder that we kept the pledge manager open, jut because there are still a few backers that didn’t complete their surveys.

If you remember, in the last update we said that we don’t have any reason to believe that shipping won’t go as promised and planned. So we’re happy to report that it still holds true.

One last thing before signing off:

While taking care of producing and delivering “Moonshiners of the Apocalypse”, we’re also working on a new game. And although we can’t share too much info right now, we can tell you 3 things about it:

-It’s Code name is “Temple”.

-It’s simply awesome! With a fun and witty theme, it promises to be at least as good as“Moonshiners”.

-Here’s a sneak peek of the very early prototype:

Until next update: Happy Gaming everyone!

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